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Jaffar Sidek

Hi Mike.  The dropbox link is dead.  Could you post another link?  I am interested in those sounds.  Cheers!

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Hi Sandra & All,


Below is a Dropbox download link for thousands of sounds, almost 3 GB worth!  Enjoy!



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I took notes of it and also downloaded the file. Thanks for the explanation and the link! :)

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I will send you some of the original sounds for windows.
I have quite a huge collection of them, but you can integrate any sounds
into the schemes, even creating your own "Sandra" schemes. :)
Initially what you should do is become familiar with how to do it.
First: press your windows key and after you hear the prompt type the
word "sound" (without an S) and press enter.
to navigate the upcoming dialog box, press control tab, 
What will come up is a multi-page dialog box, with 4 tabs, and the third
from the left is what you wish. That is the "sound event" manager since
windows 7, from which it hasn't changed much because it is easy to
Each page of the dialog box has a label, e.g. playback, recording, sound,
and communication.  The first 2 pages are your playback sound devices
and your recording ones.  The third is where you adjust what you wish to
hear when windows or other programs do thing such as open and close
files, menus open or close, when you navigate to a page on the internet,
etc. There are many events in windows, (in the thirties I think it is
now), as well as other programs will have events stored in this part of
your computer for you to manage.
When you navigate to the "sounds" tab and press tab, you'll hear a
description of how to manage parts of the dialog box, and your current
sound scheme. pressing tab a second time will say "save as," meaning if
you've changed the current scheme you can save it as something else or
 not, and if you press tab again, you can delete the current scheme.
Remember those for later.
Pressing tab again gets you into the lengthy list of sounds, and you're
on the first windows' event called "asterisk."
You're on the top of the list, and here is where you decide which sounds
you wish to use for each event. It is time for you to play around with
how you wish to change things, and which sounds are triggered for
windows' events.
Each person has ideas of what they wish to hear, so it is truly up to
Here are some sounds I've stored on SendSpace.
I wish there was a way to export a "scheme" as such so I could share
directly ideas of schemes and what I like for events.
I have a "loon" sound I truly love for the "close program" event in
windows, and when I ran windows seven, the shutting down of windows we
use the Porky Pig cartoon where he says "that's all folks." 
Let me know if this isn't clear and I'll continue.


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