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I haven't looked, but does have a downloads section for groups, similar to what Yahoo groups has? If so, that could also be an option, where people could download the latest version from time to time. Some Wikis also offer that on the page of the item in question, that may be worth a look too. That way people can have it online, and also offline if they choose.
One reason I'm not always in favor of the email approach is that I'm sure it'll be hell for the Digest people to have to try and deal with that on a regular basis if not interested. LOL!

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Sent: Friday, November 13, 2015 12:26 PM
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If we’re taking votes here I vote for either sending it to the group regularly or both. while it’s true that the group page might streamline things think of it this way if it’s in the form of an email people could archive it for offline reference a bit easier for later review when they might find themselves in a situation where online access might temporarily not be available.
Just my two cents (smiles).
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Subject: [TechTalk] Thoughts on using Wiki to post resources
Not really paying attention, I never noticed that has a Wiki page for each group.  I'm wondering if I should just use the Wiki to post the list of resources and freeware instead of sending out scheduled reminders to the group?  Then I could just add a link to the Wiki in the message footers as a reminder.  Or would sending it directly to the group be better?  Any thoughts?

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