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That may be but if this is something new and its happening regularly and on web pages it hasn't happened before on, that implies that there may be another problem such as malware trying to get the browser to do something.  Don't answer yes assuming that a no answer will mean you can't use a page. You have no idea what you are answering yes to.  If the choices aren't read, see if you can get someone to read them to you when you go to some of these pages.  I generally wouldn't turn these notifications off unless you know that doing so won't compromise your security or do so in any way you care about or not cause actions you don't want caused without you being asked. 
When you get such a notice, the best thing to do for now might be not to answer yes or no.  The best thing to do may be to use another browser for the site for now.
As worded, the original message sounds as though getting these notifications is occurring regularly and on pages that have been regularly used without such notifications before.  Is that correct?  Also, are these notifications really on the task bar or are you assuming they are?  Browsers I use don't show notifications on the task bar.  So the question is whether these are actually coming from the browser in the first place.

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Hi Troy!

I have the answer to stop all of this!

On the settings page, press enter on Advanced settings.

Next, press enter on Content settings.

You have a list of notifications that are listed once, what they do, then the notification is listed again as a button.

Press enter on the button choice, to open up the choices for that notification.

Here is an example you will see on the content settings.


Ask if Chrome should use your location.


Press enter on the second location.

Now, there will be a choice to press the spacebar on the choice, to not ask you if Chrome should use your location.

There are many of these where you will have to do the same thing, if you do not want Chrome asking you.

Some of these, though, you might want Chrome to ask you if it should use certain apps.

For example, there is another content setting that says:


Ask to use mike in Chrome


You have to press enter on mike, then choose the choice with the spacebar to not ask you in Chrome.

The thing is, I would not want Chrome to use my microphone without knowing it.

These are the notifications you are getting on web pages.

To go to settings, press the alt key,

Up-arrow to settings, and press enter.

A web like page will open where each setting category is a heading.

The last heading on the page is Advanced.

It is closed, so press enter on that to open all of these advanced settings.

Then, there is a heading called Content settings on the Advanced settings page.

That is what you want, so press enter on content settings.

Then, like I explained above, enter on the second time it says the notification; JAWS will say button, and decide if you want Chrome to ask you or not if it can do something.

Take care, Troy, and I really hope this helps.

Let me know how this works out for you!

David Moore


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Subject: [TechTalk] google chrome notifications on my task bar


Hi all,



I've been getting notifications popping up on my task bar the past few

days, I assume from google chrome, and I want to get rid of them.



Recently when I load a web page I'll get an allow button and a block

button, and I've been hitting the allow button thinking that if I didn't

the page might not load completely and show me what I want to read, and

I suspect that's what started these notifications but I'm not sure. 

They are notifications of news headlines and things like that, some of

the same stuff that I might get on my phone.



Thanks in advance for any help with this.










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