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I agree with Matt here. Personally, I'd say have both.

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Well, lots of us it is a pain as most of us cannot remember their password and I think you have to log in? I know when I go no mail and have to go up there 99 percent of the time I don’t know my password and have to jump through all kind of loops . If I knew how to go no mail by sending an email from my mail client like you would do to unsubscribe or subscribe I would do it that way. But I don’t and when I do I have to go to the site and try to login and it starts all over. JST




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Unfortunately, this is my own fault for not initially thinking of the poll so everyone is catching up and responding to the original message.

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Hello folks, I don't think all understand what Carlos has going on here we have a pole feature on this website, Which allows you to click a link and check the radio box and then hit the vote now button. So why don't we try to do that, instead of replying to all these messages and having a big fat discussion. If anybody needs help I am available for life phone calls that the information below.

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A new poll has been created:

Polls are a beta feature of so this is a good way to test it.

1. Use the Wiki for this kind of information
2. Send the list directly to the group on a schedule
3. Do both
4. I have no opinion one way or the other

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