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First, make sure that show pop up descriptions for folders and desktop items is turned on in the folder view options advanced settings treeview.  Here's how.

Press alt plus v, then y then o to enter the folder options dialog.

Press shift tab to focus the general tab.

Right arrow once to the view tab.

Tab three times to the advanced settings treeview.

Down arrow through the treeview to the show pop up descriptions of folders and desktop icons.  It's near the bottom of the treeview.

If it is turned off, press spacebar to turn it on.

Tab twice to the ok button and click it.

Now, press nvda plus ctrl plus o to open nvda's object presentation dialog.  The very first item is report tool tips.  If it is turned off, press spacebar to turn it on and then press enter to exit the opbject presentation dialog.

Save your nvda configuration with ctrl plus nvda plus c.

Open a folder, press ctrl plus f and type in a search term.  Do not press enter.

Tab twice to the results list.

As you move through the results, you should hear the file size, date modified and the path.  It takes a couple seconds for nvda to speak this info, so don't be too quick on the up and down arrow keys.

If your results list has only one item, press spacebar to select it and press alt plus enter to open its properties.

Use object navigation to move to previous objects until you hear the location on disk.

Previous object is nvda plus num pad 4 on the desktop and shift plus nvda plus left arrow on the laptop.

You will have to move about 14 objects from where you start to get to the location.

Press escape to close properties and return to the results list.



On 2/28/2019 9:02 AM, Howard Traxler wrote:

Context menu, No, not until now.  But there isn't anything in there that tells me where the file is located.

I typed in frank in the search box and got a list of more than 2200 files.  I see the file name and that's all today.  Yesterday, the first time it was spoken, I heard the name and the path to it.  If I arrowed down from the name and back to it, it just said the name.  I assume the date and location are shown on screen but I can't figure out how to get NVDA to read it to me.  I'm not quick enough to catch it the first time; and maybe I'll need to spell it.  And maybe the one I'm looking for is not the first item in the list.

Maybe I should study my NVDA a little more or put my question on that list.


On 2/27/2019 11:28 PM, Gene wrote:
Have you checked what is in the context menu when you are on the name? 
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Subject: [TechTalk] doing a search on my win 10 system

I found two wways to do a search:  When I'm pointed at a folder in File
Explorer, I can tab to a search box and start typing in my search
target, or anywhere, I can press the windows key and get a search box. 
Whichever way I use, NVDA will not let me examin the results to find out
where  a result is located on the system.  I'd like to know what folder
and subfolder.  Wonder what I'm doing wrong.

Ideas anyone?  Thanks.


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