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That’s why I like U-verse because you can set your voicemail to either say the caller’s name or number if they leave a message.

Ashley Breger

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If that's true, then people might want to consider the answering machine I discussed a few days ago.  You can set it to record the number of every call, unless of course, the caller blocks his/her number.  It then plays the number before it plays that message.  If a caller leaves even a word or two as a message, the number is still recorded because there is a message.  As I said, the machine is available from Speak To Me for 17 dollars, much cheaper, as far as I know, than the phones being discussed here.  it doesn't speak names but it does say the number.
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Hello all,
The problem I have found with these phones is that there is no way to review the caller ID. If you don’t here it or you have been gone you won’’t know who has called. I would love for there to be one of these handsets you can review the caller ID with.

Greg Wocher

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> Hi all,
> I've got the Panasonic cordless phone.  I have  four extensions that plug into the wall.  It has a talking caller-ID and it works well.  I don't have the model number, but if you look on Amazon, you can find it.
> Ann P.
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>> Hi all,
>> Earlier in the week I was asking about talking caller id's in general
>> but now I'm looking for a cordless landline phone with talking caller id
>> and was
>> wondering where to look for such a thing.  I've looked on Independent
>> Living Aids and LSS and maybe a couple of other places, but all I've
>> found are phones
>> that are advertised as for the deaf and hard of hearing that have loud
>> volumes and it doesn't say if the volume is adjustable or not.  I want a
>> phone with
>> a talking caller id but I don't want one that has a loud volume that
>> can't be adjusted.
>> Thanks.
>> Troy
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