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Karim Lakhani

Has anyone had problems when you listen to MLB?
I found out that I had to upgrade my IOS version above 11 to listen to games.
I upgraded my iPOD to the latest IO version, but still having problems listening to games from my IPHONE or IPOD.
I have no problems listening to games on my computer, so I know I'm registered, but the phone that had a IOS version less then 11 would get a error message my error message is can't listen to this stream.
I've talked to MLB support and told me that listening to games from a device which has any IOS lower then 11can't listen.
After upgrading I still have the same issue.

Any ideas?

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The app is free so download it and then it will ask you when you open open it to put in your user name and password associated to your MLB subscription. The same user and password you used on the internet page.

Then the app is really easy to use.

I have been using it for years and it is totally accessible with v o.

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Hi Group,

I am slowly learning my way around the iPhone. Using Safari, I have been able to tune into radio stations and read complex web pages and the like. I do have a question about my proprietary streams--namely MLB and Tune In Premium. I am able to get to the sites, log in and click on a stream. On these 2 sites, I am then redirected to the Apple App store and instructed to download the app for each site. I haven't done this because I am already paying for a subscription to each of these services. Won't the iPhone or the provider allow you to simply log in and play the stream--just like using Firefox or Edge in Windows? Must you use the app to listen? And how much more will this cost?

Thanks for any help.

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