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    Some phone plans have caller ID and call waiting included in their plans and some charge  an additional charge. If you have Caller ID and Call waiting The Panasonic phone only voices Caller ID when you are not  already on the line. All incoming calls are logged into the phones screen and a sighted person can scroll down and see who called.

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I don't think most "cable companies" or other phone handlers provide for call_waiting_id, and you can tell if it is available on your phone line if you get a high pitched beep with the call waiting tone.

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I haven't seen any indications on lists where this is discussed that call waiting caller ID is available on new units for years.  When I get a call wait, my voice mail takes the call.  Then, if I want to know who it is, I use my make another call feature, call my voice mail, and see if someone has left me a message. 
I gather that you can find, at times, a caller ID unit that was made years ago on E-bay that has this feature, but, as I said, I haven't heard of any new products with that ability for years.
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Subject: [TechTalk] Ann P - cordless landline phone with talking caller id?

Does yours have call waiting caller ID as well? Are there Panasonic
phones that do?



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