Re: The iPhone Mail App

Allen West

Thanks Donna,

I went to the Edit field and must have overlooked it.
She does not have a computer at home, so she can't create a folder
from the website or Outlook, which is the way I have always done.


On 3/4/19, Donna <> wrote:
Hi Allen,

Open the mail app. Tap the “back” button until you get to the list of all
the mailboxes. In the upper right is an “Edit” button. Tap on this. In the
lower left you will find “new mailbox.” Tap on this. At the top you will
find an edit box in which she can give the New mailbox a name. Swipe once &
you will hear “mailbox location.” Swipe once & you will find a button. Tap
on this. A list of mailboxes will be displayed. Choose where she wants the
new mailbox i.e Yahoo. Tap “save” in the upper right.


I All,

I was trying help a friend create a folder using the mail app on the
iPhone. I've tried everything I can think of trying with no success.
Would any of you know how? O yeah, I almost forgot, I have Gmail and
she has Yahoo, just in case that makes a difference.

Thanks much


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