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Small correction in the site.

On 3/7/2019 6:05 PM, Lynn White wrote:

If you would want to explore having an audio tutorial regarding Word Press, you may want to check out Mystic Access.  I think their address is

It isn't a free tutorial.  But I found it to be very detailed. Of course, there are probably some free courses out there.

On 3/7/2019 7:59 AM, Debbie April Yuille wrote:
Yes, it definitely seems to be the most popular suggestion. I guess I'll
need to do some research on word press then.



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Hi all,

No, Debbie, that isn't what we said.  What we said was that your best bet is
to look at Word Press.  Some folks mentioned getting a domain first, others
that you learn HTML, but we all recommended Word Press.

Ann P.

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Thanks, so there is no accessible website creator out there?
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Debbie, creating a website has nothing to do with Jaws.  Jaws is just
a screen reader.
What you need is an HTML editor.  The easiest one available to you is
Notepad which is already in Windows.  Using this program, you will
have to code all aspects of your website by hand.  There are HTML
editors that can make the process less tasking:  A common one is

Website development is an art unto itself.  If you don't already know
HTML, time to put on the learning hat.  You should be able to find
tutorials all over the place on the web.  For the moment, I will
recommend that you begin your journey by taking a good look at:
Before you begin, carefully sketch out the type of website you wish to
create.  This is because after you are done with your art, you will
need to find a home for the various web pages you've created if you
wish for the world to see and read it.
I hope the foregoing is basic enough; others will most certainly chip
in and make the conversation far more entertaining than I have done.
Good luck and all the very best!
Denver, Colorado

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