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Sorry if your questioned has been answered and this is just a repeat:


Your bank should provide you with the option to order checks that have raised lines.

I use Wells Fargo for my banking needs and they do have checks that have raised lines.

They are longer but the lines are raised and you can feel the lines where to write the information needed.

They are just like a regular check if you ever seen one before.

There are raised lines so that you know where to:

Write date on top right corner

Then there is a long raised line so you can write to whom the check is for.

The next line is where you write out the amount.

On the same line there is  a divided space where you write the number amount.

The next line that is raised is on the bottom left which is your Memo line

Then on the far right is where your sign your name




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Hi guys,


This may not be technology related but maybe someone has an idea that I never thought of.

I’m completely blind and I would like to start writing checks, if one cannot see where to fill out the information, what creative methods does anyone have here to accomplish the task?

I’ll write someone a check for a dollar, if we can successfully come up with a method! 😊

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