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Oh, dear. I didn't actually forget to include the link but I see that Thunderbird removed it. How odd. Thank you for alerting me.

Sure, the link is

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You forgot to add the link :)

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Hi, Debbie.

While this is not a perfect solution you could investigate a third-party program from Brian Hartgen known as Leasey, which you can learn more about from the above link. Leasey is, essentially, a program which runs alongside JAWS and provides extra functionality to the screen reader. One of Leasey's features is called the HTML Assistant.

To invoke it, you press ctrl+Windows+Alt along with the letter H. You will see a list of available functions, such as heading 1, heading 2, title, link, etc. Since this is a JAWS addon or extension this means that this capability exists anywhere, in any editor, as long as JAWS is running. It is by no means a complete list of HTML tags so I'm not suggesting that this can replace an HTML authoring tool. However, it may be enough for some people who wish to write a simple Web page or it can be used to supplement another authoring tool.

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Awesome, thanks.




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Mystic access at offers a course on how to build and maintain a website with Wordpress. The instructor is totally blind. She walks you through all the steps from setting up your site to creating posts and pages and even covers security and other issues. She recommends hiring someone to help you with initial set-up if you're feeling overwhelmed. She and I can recommend someone if you decide to go that route. The course costs $99.00, but it's well worth it, and I highly recommend it. Good luck.

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