Re: writing checks?

Jim Wohlgamuth

Hi there Jean and

I used both credit cards as well as debit cards.  I do use my debit card like a credit card, I simply ask the clerk to run my card as a credit.  Never have had any issues in doing this although I guess there is a first time for everything<SMILE!>.
 Have A Good 1! de  
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On 09-Mar-19 15:06, Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc. wrote:
Gene, I carry only debit cards!  Never really tried for a credit card and
I've had no problems using my debit card the same way a credit card is used.

Yes, there have been attempts to swindle me here and there, but I've managed
to keep my wee, small head above the murky waters!

Denver, Colorado

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