Re: Hi Jack ing phone numbers


Hi Howard,
If it is an iPhone you can simply go under your recent‘s tab under your phone app which should be the second tab from the left and go to one of the numbers and then swipe up once and it will say more info tap there and scroll all the way to the bottom where it should say block this caller and then it will alert you that you will not receive any calls or text messages from them then go ahead and hit block. If you have any other questions feel free to call me at 219-838-5076 or text me at 219-595-2123.

Ashley Breger

On Mar 11, 2019, at 7:16 PM, Howard Traxler <> wrote:

Today I got three phone calls, from my own phone number, that were a recording perported to be Microsoft warning me about something wrong with my IP address. And telling me that my service would end in a matter of hours.

My question: How in the world can they hijack my own phone number to make such a call? Can I complain to my VOIP provider? I sure would like to stop them.


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