Re: Hi Jack ing phone numbers


People can send information as caller ID information to make any call appear to come from anywhere.  Nothing is being done with your number itself.  The solicitors are simply making a call appear to come from your number by having the information sent as caller ID information with the digits of your number.  It doesn't mean anything.  It could be anyone's number.
If you want to report it, you may but what's the point?  Who is going to track down and try to prosecute all these people, many of whom aren't even calling from in the United States.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Hi Jack ing phone numbers

Today I got three phone calls, from my own phone number, that were a
recording perported to be Microsoft warning me about something wrong
with my IP address.  And telling me that my service would end in a
matter of hours.

My question:  How in the world can they hijack my own phone number to
make such a call?  Can I complain to my VOIP provider? I sure would like
to stop them.


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