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Byron Stephens

I always install the drivers that come with any external card, because the genaric driver that loads is very limited.

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You can just plug the sound card in if all you want to do is use it for playing audio.  If you want to do other things, such as record, you will probably have to install the software.  As I said in my last message, you may have to unload the screen-reader and run it again after the sound card is connected to cause the screen-reader speech to be sent to the external sound card.  Then when you disconnect it, you may have to unload and run the screen-reader again.
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Subject: [TechTalk] external soundcards


I just read Gene’s answer to a sound problem.

I would like to get an external soundcard, so is that what they are called, and is the set up for it fairly easy? And, since we need the screen readers on, when the external card is on, will the screen reader also be on?




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