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Yes, Gene, that still works under windows 10.


On 3/12/2019 9:12 AM, Gene wrote:
You haven't said what to do when you have selected the speaker device with the arrow keys. 
I intended not to give instructions, but this seems a lot more simple.  Since I don't have Windows 10, I don't know if it applies, but it probably does.
Press and hold the Windows key.  While doing so, type r.  Then release both keys.  Wait a moment.
type sndvol and press enter.
If you only are using the internal sound card and you have no other sound cards in your machine and no external sound cards connected, you are on the only item you can change settings for, with an exception I'll mention now.  If you have something like a USB turntable connected, you will probably have more than one device to choose for changing settings.  Disconnect anything like a USB turntable or USB tape duplicator or any other USB device that has anything to do with audio if your intention is to work with the internal sound card settings and you have no audio.
Tab once.  Press the space bar.  Then use insert t to see if JAWS speaks the title bar.  If it does, close the window with alt f4. 
If it doesn't, press the space bar again, then close the window with alt f4.
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Hi Fred,  If you can boot up and get to your desktop, then try the
following. This is assuming you can type a little bit without audio.

Press the windows key and tap the letter R to open the run command line window.

type this:

and then press the enter key.

This will open the sound control  window and you'll be right on the
playback tab with the preferred audio device playback option

I don't know how many audio playback options you have on your pc, I
only have speakers and headphones, you may have more options, but I'd
arrow key up a couple of times to get to the top of your list, then
press the enter key to select the first option.

If all goes well, you should get the default speaker settings, if
nothing happens, I'd re-do the steps above and after pressing the up
arrow key a few times to get to the top, I'd then press the arrow key
down once and try that setting and down two times the next try and so
on until you've exhausted all options.


On 3/12/19, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
> Whether to use a Braille display is a completely separate issue.  Reasons to
> use one or not use one may be discussed or debated but they have nothing to
> do with how to get audio if you need it and it unexpectedly stops.  Since
> you can use an external sound card for this purpose, advocating that a
> Braille display be used in this situation when the person asking the
> question doesn't use one and it isn't needed for this specific purpose is
> beside the point.
> Gene
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> Hi all,
> No, it is an illustration as to why people need to learn braille and
> use a braille display.  An external card is good, but may not give you
> all the info you need.
> Ann P.
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