Re: wd 2 tb my book not being recognized

Richard Sherman

yes it has in the past. been a while though. Had a problem a few years ago.
Sent to my nephew to look at and all was fine with him. do not think I have
used since i got back from him though.


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Dear Richard & List:

Did your two TB Western Digital work on your Win 7 32-bit system previously?
It could be it is too large for your BIOS to recognize.
Brian K. Lingard VE3YI, Ab2JI, B. A., C. T. M.

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Subject: [TechTalk] WD 2 tb my book not being recognized

Hi folks.

Got this western digital two tb my book. It is about 5 years old now. Had it
sitting in a drawer for a couple years now. Took it out the other day to
make a backup of my system.

I am running win 7 pro on a 32-bit system. Got the book set up and nothing.
The drive is not being recognized. I tried about four different ports.
Two are 2.0, I have a 3.0 usb card in my system, and none will recognize the
drive. I have tried other things in the ports and those are working so ruled
the USB plugs out.

I was told there is a single white light on the front. I assume this is
telling me that there is power to it. I tried looking at WD site and could
not find anything to confirm the white light is showing power. In addition,
nothing helpful on why the system is not recognizing the HD.

Got any suggestions on what to try to get the computer to see the HD?

Thanks in advance.


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