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Angelo Sonnesso

You can pickup a USB sound device for under $10.00.

I have a couple of them around, admittedly some of them are more than $10.00, but that is because I have a couple of special projects in the works.



73 N2DYN Angelo


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I copied this from a similar problem 2 or so weeks ago.

1.  Hit WinKey+R
2.  Type sndvol, which is going in the Open edit box without feedback, then press Enter
3.  The volume mixer will have opened, and focus will be on the main speaker/headphone volume.
4.  Try up arrow multiple times (at least 10 or so) until either you actually hear the Windows volume chimes getting louder with each press, or it stays silent.  If you're hearing something just keep going up with the up arrow until you have the volume you want and close the volume mixer window.
5.  If you hear nothing after multiple up arrow presses at step 4 that means you have actually used the mute function rather than just lowering the volume to zero.  Now hit TAB, once, which should have you on the Mute/Unmute toggle button for the main speaker/headphones.  Hit spacebar, this should unmute your speakers to whatever volume you had them set prior to invoking mute.  However, this gives no auditory confirmation that it has worked, it just unmutes the speakers.  Now SHIFT+TAB to throw focus back to the volume slider and play with up and/or down arrow until you have the volume you want.

On 3/12/2019 6:50 AM, Debbie April Yuille wrote:

Also, some people may not be able to afford Braille Displays as they are so expensive.

A USB sound card seems like a much cheaper option to get JAWS feedback if the in-built sound card for some reason mutes itself. I have a USB headset which has its own sound but not an soundcard with speakers like what’s being discussed here. What models are out there and what is their sound like?











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Whether to use a Braille display is a completely separate issue.  Reasons to use one or not use one may be discussed or debated but they have nothing to do with how to get audio if you need it and it unexpectedly stops.  Since you can use an external sound card for this purpose, advocating that a Braille display be used in this situation when the person asking the question doesn't use one and it isn't needed for this specific purpose is beside the point.



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Hi all,

No, it is an illustration as to why people need to learn braille and
use a braille display.  An external card is good, but may not give you
all the info you need.

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