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Howard Traxler <howard@...>

I'm thinking about something to invent--unless it's already invented.

It would be a landline device that would catch all incoming calls, and, based on the identified calling number, ring through to a phone you could answer.  As opposed to a call blocking system, it would be a programmable call allowing device.  One would program it with the acceptable numbers.  The actual phone would never ring unless it was a person in the "allow" list.

I'm thinking that this system could be based on the old original DECtalk which had some telephone functions.  However, I don't know if it can generate a ringing voltage for a landline phone instrument.

Does anyone have any insite into these old DECtalks?  I have several of them and would sure like to make use of (at least) one.


On 3/13/2019 11:04 AM, Evan Reese wrote:
We have an old LG flip phone that speaks the number of who’s calling. It will also speak the name of the person who’s calling if it’s put into the Contacts. Unfortunately though, that had to be done by a sighted person because the menus themselves are not spoken.
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You could get the seventeen dollar answering machine I discussed that announces phone numbers.  It doesn't announce names but for seventeen dollars, you can't go very wrong, even if it isn't ideal.  And if you don't recognize the number, you can wait to see if the person leaves a message.
As far as cellular phones are concerned, maybe it isn't accessible on your phone but properly accessible phhones speak such information when the phone displays it.
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I don't have any sort= of caller id on either my cellphone or my landline,
so I'm stuck.  Pam.

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I don't answer them either. Why would anyone?

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I do get these types of calls now and then at work, and, in
recent times, on my cell phone as well.  I basically ignore
them and move on; I don't recall the first or last time I
attempted or tried to call myself.  So, in my view, if I'm
not doing it, I don't care what source it comes from, I just
won't answer the call.  Fortunately, I do have caller-id's
at both ends!

There's so much talk about privacy, and it's all good.  I
knew a guy who had an unpublished number back in the day.
Still, he got subscription calls from Denver Post and the
now defunct Rocky Mountain News.  He was always shocked as
to how either newspaper got his number.  I used to tell him
that he was wasting scarce rsources paying an extra dime to
the phone company for an unpublished number.  Since computer
software can be manipulated to pick any set of numbers at
random from a particular exchange, it's a matter of time
before my number gets a hit.

Denver, Colorado

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