Re: Forwarding Messages and BCC-ing address on Thunderbird



It actually helped a lot.

Sorry for the late answer. I'm with many, many emails to read due to changes I did on my Thunderbird.

I now have folders to each list and well, I'm still with some lists to read about :)

Trouble with removing headers on a forwarded message is, this info is all on tables and even removing the lines, NVDA still reports the existence of the tables now with all blank lines.

Anyway, as Gene suggested (don't remember if it was here or on another list) I'm copying all the content from a message I want to forward, pasting it into Notepad, removing all I want to, copying again from there and pasting the new edited content into the message.

A bit of a hard work, but it seems the only way to go. :(

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Em 12/03/2019 19:47, Abbie Taylor escreveu:

You can delete the header in a forwarded message the same way you would delete other text. To add a CC or BCC, after typing the To recipient into that field, press Enter, and another address field will appear. Press Shift plus Tab, and you'll find a drop-down list containing the CC and BCC options. I hope this helps.

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