Re: Best Email Client for Windows?

David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...>

Hi. My experiences with both Thunderbird and Outlook 365 likely are the exact opposite of what some people might be reporting. Bear in mind that my Windows PC is slower than many newer PCs and I admit this is definitely a factor in what I am experiencing.

I actually find Thunderbird's performance incredibly snappy, even when opening the first message after starting the program. Its speed reminds me of older programs, such as when I used to use Outlook Express. By contrast, opening messages using Outlook 365 is very sluggish for me. I actually would prefer to use Outlook since JAWS offers such incredible support for it but I am unwilling to deal with what I consider to be unacceptable performance.

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On 3/13/2019 6:45 PM, Abbie Taylor wrote:
I've been using Thunderbird, but I agree that it's a bit sluggish, especially when first opening. Because I was having some issues with Word 2013, I decided to try Office 365, which contains Outlook. I've discovered that I like Outlook better than Thunderbird. Once it opens, I don't have to press F6 umpteen million times in order to get to my in box. It's a pain in the anatomy to set up with a gmail account, but it works pretty well otherwise. The ribbons aren't as confusing once you figure out how to navigate them, and the spell checker is much easier to use than that of Thunderbird. NVDA doesn't speak auto-complete results in message fields, but I've found a way to work around this. The only thing I don't like about it is that there seems to be no way to view an alphabetical list of your contacts, but that outweighs the benefits. 

I'm also enjoying the latest version of Word, so the $99.00 yearly subscription fee, in my opinion, is a worthwhile investment. However, if you don't need Word, you might be able to get just Outlook, for a price of course. Whatever you do, though, don't mess with the Windows Mail app. It's for the birds.

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