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Nancy, one more thing, I thought about that you might want to try. This is something I used to retrieve files and folders from a couple of harddrives about 12 years ago, one drive was an external drive, and the 2 drives were definitely having major problems. I was being paid to retrieve the information from the drives and all the things I tried at the time weren't working very well. So you know after sitting and thinking about what to do, the idea of installing and trying file dir came to me, so that's what I did and for some reason this program worked like magic. Then I accessed the drives through file dir the drives behaved very nicely, so I went through looking at all the folders and files and was able to copy everything. If I hadn't thought about using file dir
I would not have been successful in retrieving all the files and folders from the drive.If you try this and it happens to work then if you ever have more serious problems now or down the road sometime, one of my other go to utilities is file scavenger because it works good and it's accessible. As far as accessibility with file dir you won't have trouble with it since it was written by a blind man. Just in case you want to try file dir, and you don't have the program, here's the download link for fildar
If you have any questions and you need more help, just ask.

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This is external drive, and it stays open otherwise.

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