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Okay, Nancy, I'm glad that you were able to manipulate and fix your files the way you wanted them to be. every time you access a file on that drive, when you're done if it took you out of the drive and took you out of the folder that's not normal behavior, and if there are other unusual or different things happening when you access anything on your drive that don't normally happen I just was a little concerned something is changing that may end up turning into a tvery sad situation. I certainly want to make sure you don't loose anything, so even if you can copy information from that drive, if it's exhibiting behavior that's not normal then this would be the time to start looking at the issue and find out why. For example when it comes to harddrives here's something that happened in the last 2 years. I had a 3 tb drive, it was nearly full with lots of folders. It started acting really funny. At first I didn't pay much attention, but as it continued to get worse I realized it was slowly starting to fail. There were certain folders I couldn't get into any more, there were other folders I could get into but the files and folders inside them were mangled. There were an awful lot of folders and files that were okay and there were other folders and files were mostly okay, but some things were messed up in them. Fortunately i was able to copy most everything from that drive. After low level formatting the drive, then of course doing a regular for mat, I would slowly put a folder or 2 back on the drive and about a week later the drive crashed, and the drive was completely gone so fortunately I didn't loose anything. This is something for everybody that I want everyone to understand, if you have something important, such as a file or folder, and if it doesn't exist in 2 different locations, and I'm not talking about it being in 2 locations on the same drive, so you don't have anything, it doesn't exist. There's lots of ways to have a second copy of your files and folders, so I hope all of you do that very thing. If you need any help or you need more information, just ask.


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From what you're saying, it isn't this particular file, because it's
happened with other files/folders on drive. I haven't had trouble
copying or cutting from drive, so not really sure the cause of the
problem. I finally just did each file in this one folder by doing the
Rename thing on each field separately; so the Album; field would be
accessed with F2, title typed in, and then Enter to get out of the
rename before going to next field to be edited. Next, Album Artist;
hit F2 again, type in name, and hit Enter to get out, and so on. I did
this in and out for each field and no problem, so I'm happy! I'll make
note of your suggestions, though, and I will check when I appear to
start having trouble.

Thanks to all,


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