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Keith S

very cool.  this will come in handy.

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There are more things you can do as well.

After you've placed your start marker with the [ (left bracket) key,
 you can also:
Control+C to copy the selected part,
Control+X to cut,
and to paste the selected part in to it's own file, use Control+C to copy, then press Control+P, which will place what you've selected in to it's own separate file.


On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 09:30 AM, Carrie Morales wrote:
it has been a while, but when I used to use it, if I remember correctly, it is open bracket to mark the beginning part and close bracket to mark where you want to stop selecting. You can press Ctrl t to trim the parts that are not selected.
That's all I can remember.

On Mar 17, 2019 8:51 AM, Keith S <ks.steinbach03@...> wrote:
I am  planning to cut a sound file using goldwave and have a few questions.
First, how do I place markers where I want GW to cut the file?
2. how do I cut inside 2 marked points, if I set the beggining and end points?
3.  how do I  trim everything outside  the beginning and ending points?
4. how do I reset the beginning and end markers to the beginning and ends of the file respectuflly.

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