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Brian K. Lingard

List: Dear Richard & List:
Your PC will likely have Office 2019 you want the 64-bit edition.
Brian K. Lingard VE3YI, Ab2JI, B. A., C. T. M.

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Sent: March 8, 2019 3:13 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] email on win 10


On 3/8/2019 12:25 PM, Richard Sherman wrote:
Hi folks,

getting a new windows 10 system hopefully in a couple weeks. The new
System will have office. Not sure of what office version though.

I am not a big fan of outlook. Played with it just a bit. However, love it
Simple. So therefore, a fan of outlook express. Especially since that
is what I have used all along. Even modified my win 7 system so that I
could use windows mail.

So was just wondering what alternatives there are for windows 10 when
It comes to email. I know about thunderbird and wlm. Still
looking for advice and opinions about them. As well as other programs.

Thanks in advance.


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