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I haven't seen anything indicating that EMF is causing cancer except in cases of very strong exposure, such as in those who wear blue tooth devices or hold cellular phones to their ears when they use them regularly.  What is your source for the school children story.  And how definitely was it stated that exposure to a near by radio tower is causing cancer?  Considering the FM radio transmitters are routinely located in the downtown areas of cities, where are the enormous numbers of cancer clusters that should have been found decades ago in workers working within perhaps a block or two of the towers?  Where are the cancer cases among amateur radio operators?  How about truck drivers, who used to, and perhaps still do, use CB transmitters a great deal? 
II'm not assuming that nothing exists in terms of a correlation, I'm saying that you can't jump to conclusions and that there is reason for real skepticism about such accounts as you are relying on unless you really consider various aspects and evaluate the credibility of the source.  While it may be, I am not yet at all convinced that the kind of exposure you are concerned about, living near a radio tower, will cause problems.  From what I've read, which isn't much, there does appear to be concern about kinds of exposure such as from blue tooth devices like ear buds, where the radio signal goes directly into your ear canal and from there into your moves more or less directly into your brain or cell phone use as I described above. 

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I do not know if anyone has looked in to EMF meters for their homes to monitor Bluetooth and  y-fi devices in their homes, the google home, the echo, the apple tv and the fire stick.  it also affects tvs, refrigs, and your local cell tower.   Here is what it stands for: EMF

Electromagnetic Field. Some may have seen a story about how it is causing brain cancer for those who use Bluetooth headsets and more recently it is causing cancer of the brain in school children who’s school is close to a cell tower in California.\

So to the point of this e-mail, first is there an accessible  EMF meter that the blind can use? And what about our lovely braille displays that use Bluetooth to connect to the pc and other devices? I want our accessible technology to be safe too. They should put that on the packaging. Also, if you want to limit your exposure, consider wired devices instead of Bluetooth. Not a problem for me as the sound is much better for listening. You can turn off your router at night and have in a separate location from the family. If that is not an option, you can move your smart speakers to the other side of the room from where you are located say about 4 to 5 ft. I know they have EMF shielding cases for your cell phones and your pc. They even have stickers you can use to protect  yourself from EMF admissions. Perhaps we could have some discussions about blindness technology and EMF on this list and find alternatives too do the same things without the exposure to EMF!

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