received these emails from it a scam?

Keith S

HI, I received many of these emails in my spam box on the website when I log into my email via the web.  I usually use thunderbird.
Is this a scam?  The ks.steinbach03@... email is attached to a facebook account I no longer have access to because I lost the password and  I cannot recover it.  Facebook wants me to  jump through hoops to access it and I cannot close it due to me having entgered my date of birth incorrectly to prevent anyone who actually hacked into my account  (as facebook is willing too sell info to companies and I do not know what  security the other companies have in place and I having been a victim of someone filing taxes in my name and using my social security number in the past.
Hi ks.steinbach03@...,
A user has just signed in to your Facebook Account from a new device.
We are sending you this email to verify that it is you.
Click here to contact us.
Location:Mumbai India
Yes me !
Not me !
This message was sent to
And, to add, is there a direct email address I can actually talk to someone at fb to try to close the account?
I know there was once a "blind accessibility email  address for facebook, but I am sure they closed that down.
Makes me think that there are only a handful of people working at facebook.

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