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Donald L. Roberts

I too use NextDoor, and I receive messages in my email account. Frankly, I find next door confusing. I can read the emails but cannot respond via email, and I find the web site confusing to say the least.

So if anyone figures this thing out, please let us all know.

Don Roberts

On 3/21/2019 12:40 PM, Shelly Kane wrote:


I am currently using Jaws 2018 but I have Jaws 2019 but haven't downloaded it yet.  I am also using Internet Explorer.  Do you know if there is a mobile page like Twitter and Facebook have?  I have no idea how to post things or even reply to posts.  Facebook is very easy and I find this site to be very challenging.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


On 3/21/2019 8:34 AM, matt.hackert@... wrote:
Good morning Shelly,
I have joined Nextdoor, but honestly, have not used it much. I would agree, it is not the most accessible site, but I want to ask what browser, and which version of JAWS you are using. You are probably already aware, but for screen reader users, your surfing experience can be highly sensitive to screen reader / browser combinations. You may even try using NVDA to check out their site.

Since I am a member of Nextdoor, I will actually get on their site and play around a bit, and maybe be able to get back to you with a bit more later today.

Kind regards,
Matt Hackert

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