FS Focus 14 Connecting to various devices?

Vicky Vaughan

Hi List, My Freedom Scientific Focus 14 has the capability of pairing with my iPhone and my Kindle Fire Seventh generation tablet. 


However, I am unclear what I need to do when it has last been paired with my iPhone and now, I want to use it with my tablet. 


To add to the confusion, I also have a Blue tooth keyboard that is paired with my tablet.


So now, when I want to have my Braille display active with my tablet, do I need to tell my iPhone to forget this device, before I can re-pair it to the tablet?


The instructions only seem clear on making a first-time connection and then expect that to stay as the standard situation.  It’s the fluctuation that gets me confused.


Can anyone help me understand how to handle the changing situation?


Many and very sincere thanks in advance!

Vicky Vaughan

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