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You can choose who will see (or not see) your post, by going to the privacy, just below the edit field where you write your post.
For what you are intending, you'll need of a privacy level called "friends, except...", which will do just it.
When you select this privacy level, you'll need to enter the name(s) that you want to be on your "blacklist". They then will still be your friends but won't see what you're posting.

If you need more help with it, please ask :)

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Em 25/03/2019 03:18, Shelly Kane disse:

            Hi Group:

I have a question about Facebook.  How do you block someone but not totally block them?  I heard that you can block what they see of your status but you can still see what they are posting?  They will also know that they are still your friend and they don't know they can't see any posts.  They will think that I'm just not posting.  Thanks in advance to all who respond.


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