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Keith S

 the computer was that I have nueropathy in my fingers from long term diabetes and I have difficulties using the touch screen, and considering all smart phones are touch screen now a days, was just wondering if I can use a computer to set things up on the smart phone prior to learning the ins and outs of it.
I will get back to you all regarding the make and model of the phone.

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Keith wrote in part:

"Also, can I connect the phone to my computer using a USB cable  and set
things, like the wifi password?"

You don't need to connect the Android toy to your computer in order to set
any sort of password.  You can do that on its touchscreen, or by using a
bluetooth keyboard to input the needed info. 

Androideans might be able to help you even better if you let us know the
make and model of your phone.  For example, what sort of charger does your
toy support?  Since the Android platform has more than a thousand toys to
throw a stick at, it is always important to share as much detailed info as
is possible.  Each manufacturer on this platform also has their own apps
baked in and these apps are not the same across the board in Android Land.
That's the major difference between an Android toy and an iOS one. 

Lastly, please note that connecting your toy to a computer means that you
will be able to transfer files back and forth between the two, but not for
setting passwords and such.

Denver, Colorado

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