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Bill and Marie Johnson

Thankse Gene I am experimenting with NVDA and it doesnt do it here, Reads Normal. I also fixed the saying word thing apparently..

On 3/26/2019 8:53 AM, Gene wrote:
Just get in the habit of issuing the read to end command after opening the message. Open it, and experiment to see how long, if at all, you need to wait before issuing the command. You can see if you need to wait at all, half a second, whatever it is when you open a message. Doing this will stop all extraneous text from being read and if anything is read, such as the subject line, and you don't want it read, this will stop that as well. It will become automatic after you do it for not too long.
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From: Bill and Marie Johnson
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Subject: [TechTalk] Western European Question
As some may know I am using Jaws 2019 and Mazilla Thunderbird, I think
latest version. when I open messages Jaws says Re, if in a thread,
then Western european, before reading the message. How do I get rid of
the European thing? Thanks. --
Bill R Johnson
Bill R Johnson

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