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System restore is not turned off by default within Windows10, but try to keep in mind that this has been only with 3 different Windows10 machines. I’ve personally seen system restore turned off though on more than one Windows machine, various OS’s over the years. So it obviously does happen for whatever reasons from time to time.


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I consider it negligent that Microsoft doesn't have system restore running on all machines by default.  It appears, it is turned off by default in Windows 10.  I'm not sure if it is at all your fault because I don’t know your level of knowledge about problems and how unexpected things can happen.  I do consider it to be largely Microsoft's fault or entirely, because they should not send a product into the field with a major recovery system turned off.  Most people either don't know about System Restore at all or they do and they assume it is on, just as it is on by default in earlier versions of Windows. 


I wasn't assuming system restore would help now but I wrote about it in case it would and because it is likely to help next time. 


As far as the menu is concerned,  you don't open the menu and type s.  You open the menu and type the number 7.  But that will only get you to or into the menu if it is there to begin with.  You say there is no 7zip menu.  So how do you get it added to the context menu?  I don't know if this will help or if it matters.  But it may be that if you installed the 32bit version of the program, it won't be added.  If you uninstall it and install the 64 bit version may cause it to be added.  You can see, I have no idea.


Also, if you want to try to add the old options you used to use, you can try that as well.  These options were in the registry so if you want to add them again, you will have to work with the registry or find a reliable utility that will add them again.


The actual utility is still there, but your access to it was removed.  List members may be able to tell you how to do this.  If not, perhaps the Microsoft disability service can help you do so.



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Well, I appreciate most of the suggestions given as to solving the lack
of an Unzip utility on my Win 7 System.

Gene, hindsight is always 20/20 so thank you for your excellent Hind
sight.    but as with most Hind Sight it is next to worthless at solving
an exsisting problem.  As they say, the Horse is already out of the
Barnb.      And Yes, it does come in handy for the next time something
goes Screwy on my System.

But today I am asking for help, from anyone, to help recapture my horse
and help me get it back into the Barn.

As for opening up the Shift F10 Menu, and just pressing S, for Seven
Zip.  This doesn't work, as there is no choice for Seven Zip on this menu.

I've even gone to Open With, and Brozed to the Seven Zip Folder, and
theoretically chose the Seven Zip Executable file.  but, once this has
been chosen, and I OK out of the two remaining screens, I still have no
choice for Seven Zip in any menu any where, ubt the Programs list in
Windows 7.

Why VLC has knocked out my Unzip capability, I have no clue.  I have
uninstalled the VLC media player, but once it was gone, the Unzip
utility did not magically return.

So, I've reinstalled VLC Media Player.

And to make this even more painful, I have two System that are exactly
alike.  The same make and model and version of Win 7.  And VLC media
player knocked Unzip out on both systems.

and Yes, Hind Sight is faultless.   Yep, I am Guilty of Assuming all
would be fine.  And of course, in this case, it isn't.

So if any should think of something else to try, when it comes to
reviving my Unzip utility, I am all Ears.

Thanks for any help.


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