Re: I am trying my NVDA. How do I check the System Tray also, How do I Tell NVDA to not say the word when I am typing, and say nothing? Thanks.

Quentin Christensen

Hi Bill,

Others have commented on the system tray side of things, so I'll tackle the other question, and a bit more for you:

To change what NVDA reports as you are typing, you can either change the "Speak typed characters" and "speak typed words" settings in NVDA's Keyboard settings.  Press NVDA+control+k to get to the keyboard settings directly (where the NVDA key is either INSERT or CAPS LOCK, depending on your setup).

You can also toggle them at any time by pressing NVDA+2 to toggle speak typed characters, and NVDA+3 to toggle speak typed words.  Additionally, you can press NVDA+4 to toggle speak command keys (non alpha-numeric keys like enter or the arrow keys).

If you are coming from Jaws to NVDA, you may find the guide that someone wrote for that transition useful:

And if you are interested in learning NVDA from scratch, I would recommend the "Basic Training for NVDA" which covers everything you need to know and then some.

Actually just on your original system tray list, while I would recommend using Windows+B to access the system tray, if you do want to use NVDA+f11 to open a system tray list, the add-on that was mentioned can be found at:

Kind regards


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