Re: [Tec Talk] any way to know when messages are downloading in thunderbird?

Jim Wohlgamuth


I have been using Thunderbird for years and when Thunderbird is through getting its mail I receive a wind chime  sort of sound.  Don't know if that is particular to my system or if it works that way on all systems.  I have been using it from XP to 10 with very similar results.  Good Luck & Have A Good 1! de

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On 27-Mar-19 14:41, Gene wrote:
I doubt that changing programs will solve these problems.  But if you want to find out, before spending much time learning the program, unless you just want to, you can test the situation.
If you can use the Webmail program your provider offers, you can send messages from your providers program, which, if its accessible, would require the least amount of work or learning.  You could have your husband send test messages using the webmail program and get an idea of whether changing programs might help and you would have to learn nothing or almost nothing. He would use your account to send the test messages, using your provider's webmail program.  I don't think it matters which computer is used, but just in case, he can use your computer. 
Such problems will probably have to be addressed by the people receiving mail in terms of working with their provider or working with whatever spam filter is causing the problem.
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] [Tec Talk] any way to know when messages are downloading in thunderbird?

What is the easiest, most JAWS friendly email client?

I can deal with Outlook, but some of my friends were not getting my mail, and one of them found me in Spam.

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the sounds don't seem to work for me as well.
when I check my mail box I have messages, but thunder bird doesn't work like outlook for me when a message arrives the sound is played.
it's a hit and miss for me in thunder bird.
the other feature in older versions of outlook one could use a menu to silent sounds and I cannot find how to do that in outlook 2016.

thanks for bringing this subject up.

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Subject: [TechTalk] any way to know when messages are downloading in thunderbird?

Hi all,

I have messages set to download in thunderbird but there's no indication that anything is happening and it takes so long at times that I'm almost ready to give up when I hear the "got e-mail" sound. Is there any way to remedy this so I know if anything is downloading or not?

Also, a friend of mine is a thunderbird user and he told me to use f5 to check my messages. That either doesn't work, or maybe it's the same situation as above and something is downloading and I don't realize it.
Btw I have 2 e-mail accounts and both are set to download at the same time if that matters.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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