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Hi Cristebal and Mike, Yolanda the only ones. I’ve been having issues with spectrum email for the last week. Or better whenever it comes to my computer and then I won’t even mention how long from my iPhone. But I’m glad that all issues with that are now fixed thanks to a good friend of mine. Give me a solution to fix the problem.

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Same here. It was buggy all this morning. Very … stressful as my business is upwards of 80% conducted via email.

Everything seems back to normal.


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Hi Cristóbal,


Our email service has been screwed up for the last couple of days and Spectrum says it's a Microsoft server problem and it's out of Spectrum's control.  I was able to receive but, not send.  Now the good news, our email service started working correctly about 30 minutes ago.

Take care.  Mike.  Sennt from my iBarstool.  Go Dodgers!
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Hello list,

Is anyone else having problems with their exchange accounts this morning?

I’ve got three business Exchange accounts and none seem to be able to connect to the server be it in Outlook, iOS or through the web portal itself. I’ve looked around online and don’t’ seem to find any notice of service interruption.

Hopefully it’s not just me.


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