windows 10 laptop incredibly slow

Keith S

I own an HP laptop and am running windows 10 and jaws 2018 on it.
I had  an offer from someone, adam by name, from this list,  to log into my computer to help me with another matter, and even he said, "wow, your computer is incredibly slow".
I ran the task manager, (control, alt, delete, on   the laptop and it hung and then stopped responding 3 times.
the operating system is an update fro windows 7.
I know that HP  installs a bunch of software from their company on all systems they offer.
How can I determine if these garbage probgrams are slowigng down my system.
I am still a newbie when it comes to using both jaws and windows 10, and I am very discouraged in learning the OS and jaws due to the slowness and lag on the system.
I believe the computer is a 4 gig processor and and has 8 gigs of ram on it.
it's almost like trying to run a computer on the bare system requirements to run the OS you are trying to run.
Any help would be greatly apprecated.
I want to learn windows 10 and jaws, but right now, it's like I would be better off actually writing  braille letters and mailing them

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