Re: Portable NLS players besides a Smart Phone


Hi Holly:

I’m glad you enjoyed your iPhone. To me, it is so easy to use and the swiping in the tapping are fine. It beats just typing on the keyboard all the time. For those who need it, they can get a little Bluetooth keyboard.

The echo sounds like a pretty neat device. I have never played with one. I would like to.

I definitely agree that there should be alternatives for the technically challenged. Options are always good. I also think people should stretch themselves and at least to try to learn these devices. They might discover that they really like them.


On Mar 29, 2019, at 2:21 PM, Holly <feyk7@...> wrote:

Hi Victor:
I am with you.  I never learned the computer til I was 65 and was almost blind already.  I have had an iPhone now for two years and love it. 
I am 75 now and still enjoy learning new technology too.
I just recently got a ring doorbell and a new Echo spot.  My husband had little interest in any of it, but I put our old Echo dot next to his bed.  Now we can communicate to each other if we are in different rooms without yelling or running all over the house.  Hahahaha.
I had a Victor Stream for a long time, but sold it now that I have the NLS Bard mobile app.
However, I do think there should be alternatives for the technically challenged.
Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible.

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