Re: Portable NLS players besides a Smart Phone

Jim Wohlgamuth

Hi there FOLKS!!

I have an NLS Bard player but I listen to books on a variety of devices and find all of them to be fairly easy to use and navigate.  I use the NLS player, my personal Nls player whith I got from a friend, my Galaxy S9+ and have no issues using any of them.  I really do enjoy learning new things, and cannot wait for the next toy to come out! Just my 2-sense worth<SMILE!>.  Catch ya all later! de

<wohlggie@...><KF8LT><Jim Wohlgamuth>.

On 29-Mar-19 17:36, Holly wrote:
I do have a little Apple Magic Bluetooth keyboard for quicker entering of large amounts of text on my iPhone.  Works very well.
I still love my desktop computer, but love the portability of the iPhone and tablets.

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