Re: i phone questions

Monte Single

That’s fine, I think I’ll spell it Cyri.

Here we go now, warm fuzzies for everyone!!!


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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] i phone questions


wow afgter giving a shot please give the answer instead?



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if your thinking of getting a new phone, and want to use Siri, you may want to lern how to spell the name.


it's not, S e r i,  it's, S I r i.

just like yu would want folks to spell your name correctly.



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Subject: [TechTalk] i phone questions


As usual, I’m  thinking   about getting a new phone; well, a new used phone.

Is it true that in order to dictate a text message, I have to be online with Seri?

Also can I use voice commands to make calls without being online with Seri?

I’m thinking about getting an I phone 6 or 7.



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