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Yes you can make calls on an ipad, if you get an app like TextNow. There's probably many other apps like TextNow. I would suggestg you try some of them out. If you get an ipad with cellular connectivity then you will not ONLY be limited to just wi-fi. however if you only use wi-fi siri will work. As for cell plans with or without data one of the cell phone carriers that we do business with which is consumer cellular, we have a non data plan so we do all of our data over wi-fi. As a matter of fact we stream content all the time on the wi-fi. I can't speak to anyone else's quality but our network is such that we can't tell any difference in the quality. I love having and using all the different tools whether it be a nls player, an iphone or even a flip phone. Just as a note the lg exalt is one of the best flip phones. Anyway, if I can help in anyway here's my contact information:

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Can I make calls on an I pad if I have wi fi and get something like text

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Monte, on a smartphone, you can make calls via WI-FI. However, you will
need to establish a phone number. An App like TextNow can generate a phone
number for you at no charge. This app will need to be installed and
customised. If you're not in a WI-FI zone, the service will not work
although callers can leave you voicemail for later retrieval. There are
other apps that do the same, TextNow just happens to be the one I remember
as I type this. I will add that I don't know if TextNow will run on the
iPhone, I'm an Androidean and it sure works over here though I don't use it
myself. I did give it a test run once upon a time and was pleasantly

In my view, there's no reason why you can't ask Siri to place a call for you
using your voice once you obtain a phone number using the app discussed
above, or a similar app in iOS Land.

I trust that the foregoing is a bit helpful; now I'll duck and let my pals
and buddies in i OS Land straighten me out where I've fallen short!

Denver, Colorado

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