Re: i phone questions

Shelly Kane


You really aren't on line with Siri.  When you press the home button, you summon Siri and she usually does what you tell her.  I use it all the time.  When I want to text someone, I hit the home button and tell her to text who I want to send a message to and then she will read it back to me and if it's what I want to say, then I will send it.  If you don't want Siri, you should probably turn off voice over.  I'm totally blind so I need Siri for everything.  You can also dictate your texts by going to messages and going to the name and tapping on it and then hit dictate and say your message and then hit dictate again to stop it and then go to where it says send and you can send it.  I find that way is harder.  To call someone, yes, you can hit the home button and tell Siri who you want to call or if you don't want to use Siri, go into the phone app and find key pad and then you can make the call yourself by feeling around for the numbers and double tapping on them and then hit call which is at the bottom of the screen.  That way is also more involved.  In answer to your question, the only way you won't have Siri is by turning off voice over like I said before.  Hope this helps.


On 3/30/2019 9:36 AM, Monte Single wrote:

As usual, I’m  thinking   about getting a new phone; well, a new used phone.

Is it true that in order to dictate a text message, I have to be online with Seri?

Also can I use voice commands to make calls without being online with Seri?

I’m thinking about getting an I phone 6 or 7.



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