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That happens when you are attempting to access an email which is down
towards the bottom of the message listing and it so happens that it's
no longer part of that page listing because it has been moved down by
newer messages but can be found on the next page of messages and then
one can open it using the shit plus enter method.


On 3/31/19, Gene <> wrote:
I just realized there is a possible inconvenience to this I didn't mention.
You may or may not experience this, I don't know if its just my machine or
more general. Sometimes, when I open a link in a new window, the new window
opens but shows the same content as the old window. the window is actually
showing the new content but the screen-reader shows the old. If I alt tab,
release both keys, then alt tab again back to the window, the new content is

I haven't tested to see if the problem occurs when opening the link in a new
tab. The command to move between tabs is control tab.

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It would be much easier to do the following:
When you follow a link to open a message, don't use just enter. Use shift
enter. That opens the link in a new window. In other words, you have
opened the message in a new window. When you are finished reading it or
whatever you want to do with it, simply close the new window with alt f4.
You are now back in the first window again exactly where you left off,
because you never moved or did anything in that window.

If you prefer, you can use control enter, which opens the message in a new
tab. To close the new tab, use control f4 instead of alt f4.

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You can find some help by Googling it. Here are a few things I know:

There are two modes, standard and basic. If you use Basic mode, the e-mails
show up as a table. It's a bit tricky to get around in this mode, but
sometimes it is needed. I set up a bunch of place markers in JAWS to help
me get to different places. For example, I set one for Back to inbox,
Reply, show original-that one jumps me to the text of an open message.

Standard mode is easier to use, but it does not always show everything.

If you're using standard mode, you have to turn off the virtual cursor with
insert-z. If you navigate away from Gmail and then come back, you have to
turn the cursor off again.

Once it is off, hit g then i for "go to inbox".

At this point, you can arrow up or down through your list of messages.

To read one, hit enter on it, then the letter n.

To close it and get back to your list, hit u.

If that virtual cursor is not off, none of this will work.

Sometimes it will not read the entire text of a long message or a forwarded
one. In this case, hit control-z to turn the cursor on, then arrow down
until you find the message content. When finished, turn the cursor back
off, then hit u to get back to the message list.

C means compose, r for reply, a for reply to all, f for forward.
Control-enter to send.

I'm sure there's a lot I have missed. It's nowhere near as easy as Outlook,
but it's quite doable, once some of the keystrokes become second-nature.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Gmail's website.

Does anyone have any instructions on how to navigate and use the Gmail
website? Thanks for any help.

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