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Hi everyone:

If you want to learn all about the iPhone and the iPad, I urge you to look up the Hadley institute videos on YouTube. They have been very helpful to me.


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Hi Group,

Once you have your call recipients in your contacts, it's easier to use Siri.  However, you can tell Siri to call a number verbatim as in "Hey Siri - Call 1 408 752 8052.  If you do it clearly enough, it will work.

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I don't think so.

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I’ll state the question again


Can I make a  call on the I phone using my voice without using Siri. 

Can I just tell the phone to call a numberSSS


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If you have a WiFi connection then you can use it through the WiFi.

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Well, No.  I am more interested in using the phone as a cell phone and not a smart phone.  I don’t want  to pay for a data pack which I would hardly ever want to use.

I just do not like the idea  of having to  be on line to use a phone.

Yes, I have a basic cell phone but a smart phone may have some additional features I can use without having to have a data package.


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if your thinking of getting a new phone, and want to use Siri, you may want to lern how to spell the name.


it's not, S e r i,  it's, S I r i.

just like yu would want folks to spell your name correctly.



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As usual, I’m  thinking   about getting a new phone; well, a new used phone.

Is it true that in order to dictate a text message, I have to be online with Seri?

Also can I use voice commands to make calls without being online with Seri?

I’m thinking about getting an I phone 6 or 7.



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