Re: Need suggestion for a bag to carry all my tech

Jim Wohlgamuth

Hi There!

I have a gym bag or more commonly known as a backpack.  When I go out, I generally have it on my back with all my goodies and then some<SMILE!>.  My family and friends think I am a little crazy but it does the job for me! I think you might be able to find them in smaller sizes than what I carry, but the size really doesn't matter-what matters is that it gets the job done! Good Luck & Have A Good 1! de

<Wohlggie@...><KF8LT><Jim Wohlgamuth>. 

On 31-Mar-19 19:50, Loy wrote:
I have accumulated several tech items that I like to take with me when I go out. I use a cane and don't have enough pockets or hands to carry them. What would be a good type of bag for a man to carry to hold these items. Where could I get such an item?

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