Re: Need suggestion for a bag to carry all my tech


Again, I use a backpack with a fanny pack that attaches to the backpack with zippers. But I would also recommend purchasing one of those briefcase type bags on wheels. Or a suitcase type of bag on wheels. They have all kinds of compartments. They also have a telescoping handle for pulling. Some of them also have a smaller handle or is shoulder strap


On Mar 31, 2019, at 6:33 PM, Carrie Morales <carrie@...> wrote:

My hubby and i use backpacks. All sorts on amazon

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On Mar 31, 2019 7:50 PM, Loy <loyrg2845@...> wrote:
I have accumulated several tech items that I like to take with me when I go out. I use a cane and don't have enough pockets or hands to carry them. What would be a good type of bag for a man to carry to hold these items. Where could I get such an item?

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