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Hi Ann,
I'm just wondering who you are talking to in this message?

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Hi all,

Well now, either you haven't been blind long or some idiot has
convinced you that exploring an item with your hands is wrong.
Probably given you some nonsense about not touching things because
people don't do that. How the Hell are you supposed to learn about
your world if you don't explore it with your hands, both hands. Now,
I'm not advocating far out stuff like feeling people's faces, but I
most certainly am advocating for exploring an object or your
environment thoroughly with your hands. Start at the top and work
down. Don't be afraid to get dusty or dirty. Sometimes it can be
gross, but someone's eyes see those same things. Unless you live in a
desert, you can always wash your hands. No touching of hot things or
getting in the way of power tools, please. <smiling>

The next time you use your DTBM, feel the entire top of it. The
seal is right there. It's round, and it's raised. There's a design in
the center and lettering around the edges. You'll find it, you can't miss it.

The same seal is on the cases too.

Ann P.

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