Re: email not coming through?

Carolyn Arnold

I was wondering where a Spam Folder would be in Outlook. I can check my Junk and either permanently delete the stuff or whatever.

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There is a junk folder but no “spam” folder. Nothing has showed up in the junk folder.

The admin just informed me he will be migrating the list soon so that might be the answer or not? Lol.

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Tried having a look at outlook's spam?

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Didn’t know how to word my subject line but I have this <> email right? I’m trying to subscribe to the jfw mailing list which I successfully did with another email address; however, when I try to subscribe with my outlook address after selecting to change my email on the subscription page, no confirmation email comes through. However, when using my gmail address, or any other email address, I receive the confirmation email.

I have automatic filtering turned off and the admin on that list forced it to send me a confirmation email but I still didn’t get it. Wth is going on?

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