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Outside of getting a dedicated device for this sort of thing, SeeingAI is probably going to be your best bet when you take into consideration ease of use, rapidity and cost.
My understanding is that for items that are curved like this (cans, jars, etc), these apps are going to have a harder time with the barcodes
While I do over all find the barcode scanning function to be helpful in SeeingAI, it can lend itself to frustration a lot.
Life is full of compromises I suppose.

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I tried using Seeing AI last night to recognize the bar code on a soup can. No luck. I turned the can every which way, but whereas before I could get some sort of a bleep from the app, last night I got a whole lot of nothin'.

Yes, I'm aware this could be a matter of the user being a little ... slow.

I tried using short text, and while more successful, the mixed results were more annoying than helpful and still didn't really tell me what I wanted to know.

So, has anyone found a good bar code reader app? I looked at Digit Eyes on the app store, but it seemed outdated based on the history of the reviews.

Other than Be My Eyes or AIRA, are there any other worthwhile contenders?

Thanks for any help.


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